Mr. Richard English – Use ICT Creatively in Primary Mathematics

Workshops on eTwinning

W A – Isabel Monteiro and Ewa Rainska – Nowark – Desktop/Twinspace

Using the Desktop

Using the Twinspace

W B – Alessandra Ceccherelli and Lorenzo Mentuccia

Inside The eTwinning Teaching Tools -Twinspace

eTwinning Desktop – Be a part of the community

W C – Isabel Brennan and Dorota Wojdyga – Twinspace

Twinspace Tasksheet

Desktop Tasks

W E – Miguela Fernandes and Elisabete Fiel – Twinspace and Web 2.0

W D – Ana Maria Costa and Teresa Lacerda – Twinspace: An area to share & collaborate




Workshops 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

W1  – Miguel Figueiredo and Teresa Marques:  Scratch – Maths software
W2 – Paulo Torcato: Robotics
W3 – Rui Lima: Maths ICT tools
W4 – Cidália Marques: Maths and interactivity
W5 – José Marques: Microsoft tools for primary schools